Yesterday I was Captain Murphy of the Fighting First put me asPlatoon Sergeant Staff Sergeant.  Also the Pacific Front TC is 7% done and are playing on a demo coming out on June 25.  The Hidden and Dangerous demo is out now, but it is 70.7 meg.
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I made a WW2 pictures page
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I made a World War II facts page!
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There have been two new user maps added to my downloads!
'Saving Private Ryan' will be coming out on video on May 25.
As of right now the first TC for WWII G.I. is being made by "The Boys".  It is about 5% done.  If you like "The Thin Red Line' then you will like this TC.  Here is their page Pacific Front TC.
I will be getting a forum as soon as possible fr everyone get get answer for things they are stuck on or just need help.
My ICQ# 35142851
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Unfortunately in Captain Murphy's clan 2nd Lt. Kratz was gunned down when trying to take out a German pillbox.  Know Sergeant Blondie will lead the 2nd Platoon now and will get a battlefield commission.   Their will be a battle to see will fill the spot Blondie was at.
If you want learn more about this terrible accident
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Medics trying to save the downed 2nd Lt. Kratz.

 WWII G.I. is a first shooter war game by GT Interactive Software.  The game starts off landing you on the beaches of Omaha on D-Day, June 6.  You are a paratrooper that was rescued by a landing craft because you plane was shot down.  Your MISSION is to get back to your company.

Game Features


M1 Thompson sub-machine gun
Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR)
Colt pistols
TNT Explosives
MP40 sub-machine gun
Mauser 98K(sniper rifle)
AT rocket
Fragmentation grenade
Mortar tube (Can't carry it around.  Must be found)


Single Player Maps

Utah Beach
Die SS


Multiplayer Maps

Free For All At The Farm
Base Canyon
A Day in the Town

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Screen Shots

There are only 3 codes that I know but here they are. (type  these while playing)
ww2god = God Mode
ww2blood = All Weapons
ww2clip = can walk though walls


Saving Private Ryan Film Flicks

Countdown to D-Day Landing   3.3 meg

Brother in Arms   2.0 meg

Saving a Girl   2.4 meg

Man On a Mission   2.1 meg

Whose Mother Comes First?   2.3 meg

Slide Preview   2.7 meg

A Private in the Needles   1.5 meg

Weapon Before Typewriter   1.4 meg